Spiritual Profile

I have been reading tarot cards since I was a teenager, and was aware that I could sense things about people long before that, but it wasn’t until I met other people like me that I truly tuned into my abilities.

I believe that everyone has psychic gifts, whether it is labeled as intuition, gut feelings, or deja vu, and that those who choose to be on the path to help others with this ability are “triggered” somewhere along the way. For me that occurred in the early 1980’s during a casual conversation with another psychic. I have been giving readings, doing healing energy work, and teaching since that time.

I have, what I believe to be, a basic understanding of the true nature of our universe and the reality of this dimension, learned through teachers from the Casual plane such as Abraham, Michael, and Seth, as well as studies of quantum theories and mechanics. I embrace philosophies from all cultures and religions, while making none of it my dogma…instead taking what is common among them as guidelines for how to live fully in this plane of existence.

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